Home Air Conditioning Maintenance with Disinfectant and anti-bacterial treatment

Super Service, we are offering a clean and disinfection of your indoor coil and condensate drain pan, which includes a leave in anti-bacterial drain pan tablet at a minimal additional cost, ensuring clean and healthy air within your home. 

The installation of your air conditioning system represents a sizeable investment and we strongly recommend the equipment be checked annually to maintain optimum performance. For new air conditioning systems, regular maintenance is also a requirement of the manufacturers’ warranty.

Synergy Air Offers our exclusive ‘40 Point General Service‘ to ensure your system runs trouble free and at its best year round. This annual service includes flushing drains, checking ductwork, replacing/cleaning filter, checking all motor capacitors, checking the refrigerant charge, zone operation, measures to improve efficiency and much more.

If you have not had a maintenance carried out in the last 12 months your air conditioning equipment is now due to be checked.  The cost to carry out an 40 point annual general service on a system is $198.00 including GST and our Super Service at $253 including GST. Due to labour demands in summer and winter, maintenance work is generally carried out between April to June & September to November. During this time, we can also check both cooling and heat cycles. If you wish to arrange for this service, please contact our Service Department during business hours to organise a suitable day.

We now also offer our Exclusive Anti Bacterial Treatment Service. If not maintained, bacteria can build up within air conditioning coils, leading to flu like symptoms, sick building syndrome and fatigue. To combat this bacteria, we offer an environmentally friendly Coil cleaning and drain pan treatment service.

We take the health and safety of both our staff and customers very seriously, our techs observe to the 1.5m distance policy were possible and can wear gloves and masks whilst in your home.