How often should i clean my filter?

An air conditioners filter cleanliness depends on how often the air conditioner is used. A good general rule is to check the filter after 3 months for domestic applications and monthly for commercial applications.

Air only comes out of a few of the vents, why is this?

Most domestic air conditioners have zones, these zones have air dampers that can close of airflow to area’s that are not in use. Check that the zone switch is turned on. If so, and there is still no airflow the zone damper needs to be checked by a Synergy air conditioning technician. Contact us to place a service call.

My air conditioner is not working and has no power at the controller

Check the air conditioning circuit breaker at the main switchboard. If OFF, flick it back on and test air conditioners operation. If this trips again then you have an issue with the unit that will need our technicians to check it out. Contact us to place a service call.

There is a strange musty smell coming from the air conditioner, what is it?

The musty smell is actually caused by mould and bacteria growing and mould and bacteria can be detrimental to your health or the health of your loved ones so it is of utmost importance that you locate the source of the musty smell and eliminate it. If you have anyone that is suffering from breathing problems such as asthma this musty smell could cause them to have a severe asthma attack. Mould is not healthy for anyone to be breathing in and more so for someone who has breathing problems. If you find that the musty smell is coming from your air conditioning unit, it might be that the fan blades, drain pan or the coils need to be cleaned. Synergy Air Conditioning offer a full anti-bacterial cleaning service. Contact our office to organise an inspection.